Property Dispute Solicitors, Valuation Evidence & Litigation Services in Brisbane, South East QLD, Queensland

Our people have a thorough understanding of the obligations of the Expert Witness, and the relevant mediation, conference, tribunals and court hearing procedures.

There are multiple circumstances where disputes arise over the value of property including:

• Family Law disputes involving the division of assets after separation
• Property access and easement dispute
Body Corporate and Unit Scheme disputes
• Breach of contract
• Joint venture and partnership dissolution disputes
• Commercial, industrial or retail leasing disputes
• Boundary & fence disagreements

Property Dispute lawyer Contract

Delivering evidence within the Family Law Court, or in fact in any Court jurisdiction, requires critical understanding and expertise of this specialised process. This includes appreciating the duty of the Valuer to the Court under the Uniform Procedure Rules.

All our property litigation valuers have decades of experience in litigation and expert evidence.These services are provided to a number of courts including: Land Court, Land Planning & Environment Court, Supreme Court, Family Court. We are well recognised for our strength in litigation matters with valuers trained for conference attendance and court work.

We offer property dispute valuers with specialised expertise to assist in property dispute mediation, litigation and provision of expert evidence. We pride ourselves on:

• Comprehensively understanding the Client objectives AND legal requirements
• Meticulous forensic property research
• Delivering cost effective advice


A property Valuer effectively gathers as much information as possible in order to form a professional opinion on ‘Market Value’ for a wide range of potential properties – be it residential, commercial, industrial and rural or specialised property asset. We also assist with alternative dispute resolution processes in all levels of the Court and Tribunal systems. We are professional and responsive, with a keen eye for detail and maintain a constant vigilance for the right deal at the right time in every property dispute.

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