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We urge any potentially affected property owners to seek our professional advice as soon as they become aware that a resumption might occur – don’t wait until formal documentation. Our first consultation is FREE.  So call us now on 1800 800 101 for a no obligation chat with an experienced resumption compensation valuer.

You are entitled by law to have professional valuation and legal advice costs included in the resumption compensation and advance payments are available to ensure you are fully informed and protected. Anyone who has an interest in the property such as tenants /lessees may have a right to make a claim.

Our people have extensive knowledge of statutory legislation and valuation requirements for compulsory acquisition and compensation purposes in accordance with State or Commonwealth legislation.Whether it is a partial, total, easement or another interest, our acquisition experts are specialised and experienced. We provide valuation advice for purposes including acquisitions for roads, transmission line easements, pipelines, rail corridors or public infrastructure.

Property Resumption Compensation lawyer

For most, a property resumption (compulsory acquisition) is a traumatic experience. The iconic Aussie movie “The Castle” is a credible portrayal of the shock and anguish felt by most disposed owners. The movie had a fairy-tale ending, however the reality is that most government agencies have powers to compulsory acquire / resume part or all of a property without owners’ consent.While you may own your land in Freehold, this is not the highest level of ownership available. The State Government holds higher Title over all land in right of the Crown and can take back your land or parts of it to meet public needs.

When land is being resumed, you will need proper compensation advice in order to make an informed decision that follows all the required procedural and legal requirements and to ensure you receive full rights to compensation. As your property resumption specialists, we will prepare a detailed report to support your claim for adequate compensation making sure we cover all aspects and that your best interests are protected.

Resuming authorities will often notify an owner of their requirements prior to issuing formal notices. Many will attempt to reach a settlement through a negotiated private treaty. If this is not successful most will proceed to issue formal notices such as a Notice of Intention to Resume.  Sometimes a government agency may express an interest in acquiring land in a location for a particular infrastructure development without disclosing the details of the proposal. This can leave potentially affected owners in a shadow of resumption limbo where the saleability of the property is immediately reduced but there are no formal avenues available to seek compensation. In some cases owners can apply under ‘hardship’ provisions.

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So call us now on 1800 800 101 for a FREE no obligation chat with an experienced property dispute valuer.