Since 2003 Mal Missingham has been providing valuation consultancy services to major mineral processing industrialists in Gladstone. During that time he has achieved significant savings in council rates, land tax and asset rentals. His personal service, availability and professional knowledge has been highly regarded.

I met Mr Mal Missingham in 2002 when he was joined into a Supreme Court matter as 5th & 6th Defendant. There were three teams of QC’s, senior counsel, and major CBD legal teams supporting. Mr Missingham represented himself. His evidence and cross-examination of key witnesses were instrumental in deciding the case. The presiding senior Judge positively remarked in his decision on Mr Missingham’s assistance to the Court.
JD, Queens Counsel

Our property in the Lockyer Valley was catastrophically damaged by flooding in 2011 & 2013 primarily by actions of an upstream owner. We engaged Action Property Solutions to assist in preparing a damages claim. We were delighted by Mal’s professionalism, generosity, dedication and knowledge of rural industries compensation matters.
GD & DD property owners

Mal Missingham has been helping us with our family property portfolio for over eight years. The types of property include major industrial warehousing, subdivision development sites and rural pastoral holdings. Both my wife and I have been delighted with his cost-efficient services and professional courtesy.
RE & PE, property owners

We own and operate one of Brisbane’s oldest fringe CBD restaurants. Since 2004 Mal has periodically guided us though several complex leasing issues and market rent reviews. We would highly recommend Mal to any Lessee needing similar advice.
MA, lessee restaurateur


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